Selena Gomez: I’ve Got A Whole Little Vessel Of Good Things Coming

Selena Gomez (c) Instagram

Selena Gomez has hinted she will have lots of new music arriving in 2021 and has vowed to top her 2020 album ‘Rare’

Selena Gomez has teased that she has “a whole little vessel of good things coming” in 2021.

The 28-year-old superstar has reflected on the challenging past 12 months amid the coronavirus pandemic and admitted that despite her success with her comeback album, ‘Rare’, her first full-length release since 2015’s ‘Revival’, it has been a “bittersweet” year.

However, she is touched that so many felt uplifted by her music during these unprecedented times.

In an interview with Billboard, she said: “There’s this bittersweet feeling, of course.

“I would much rather the world be in a better place. Yet at the same time, it was so beautiful to see that my music could hopefully bring some people some sort of joy in the midst of it.

“It’s nice to know that ‘Rare’ became what it became for me.”

The ‘Ice Cream’ singer has vowed to push the bar even higher on her next record as she hinted there will be lots more new material from her in 2021.

She continued: “And obviously I would like to say that it was the best album that I’ve released so far. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna challenge myself for the next.”

And when quizzed on what her plans for next year are, she teased that she has “a whole little vessel of good things coming!”

The ‘Lose You To Love Me’ singer has been busy penning hits in lockdown in her own makeshift studio.

Meanwhile, the former Disney star recently admitted she’s “always dreamt” of doing a song with Taylor Swift.

Selena would love to collaborate with her best friend, who she describes as “family”.

She said: “I’ve always dreamt of doing a song with Taylor. We both wanted to do that. It just feels like we’re family … she’s been my best friend. But we’ve talked about it for sure.”


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