Selena Gomez Says She’s Come To Terms With ‘Bipolar’ Diagnosis

Selena Gomez has remained a sensation in and out of the industry and while she has her ups and down, she just keeps getting better.

The Disney actor turned musician, is one of the strongest female competitors in the music industry and when it comes to her career, she has soared to great heights.

However, she’s human and still goes through bad experiences. The “Kill Em With Kindness” singer, recently opened up on how relieved she was to hear a diagnosis.

Now, Gomez is doing very well for herself and her music career has seen its best days continuously.

Since the pandemic began, Gomez has found several ways to improve and engage herself, which is as opposed to sitting at home all day.

One of such activities includes cooking. The singer posts photos of herself in the kitchen with lined-up ingredients and sometimes, she has a backup chef to guide her.

The lockdown also helped Gomez usher in amazing projects like a collaboration with Asian girl band, “BLACKPINK.” 

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