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Health: Selena Gomez Wants Us To Work On Our ‘Mental Fitness’ – What Does This Mean And How Can You Improve Yours?

Selena Gomez has long been open about her mental health, and now she wants everyone to reap the benefits of working on their “mental fitness”.

The 29-year-old singer and actor has launched a mental health platform called Wondermind (, and told InStyle: “We believe that exercising your brain and mental health is just as important as exercising your body.”

Mental fitness is all about small, daily things you can do to boost your psychological and emotional wellbeing. Gomez says she keeps her mental health ticking over by “reaching out to friends or family to talk through my feelings, and I also recommend working out – I’ve been doing a lot of high-intensity workout classes, like boxing, which allows me to release my energy!”

In 2020, Gomez revealed she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and often gives glimpses into how she takes care of herself – including going to therapy and steering clear of social media.

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